At the beginning I thought the course was difficult and we had so much work but when the time passed by I started to enjoy it. Because in future I m planning on working in a private school and what I have learned here can be used later on in my life. We had so many tasks to do every week but they were all usefull. With the help of this course I learned so many enjoyable sites where I can teach  my students to use. The only bad thing was we had so much other stuff to do from other classes. If we had this course in year 2 I think it would be better and we would have more time to spend on it.

I would thank Mr. Sedat for teaching this course for us. He helped us when we didnt understand and he made this course fun for us.:)

Weebly and Second Life

I didn’t attend the class because we had our graduation picture taken. I heard the topic was creating a web site. Its hard to create a web site but there is an easy way to do it. The site is www. One day if you want create a web site you can use weebly because it is easier. The other topic was second life. Second life is online virtual world. This is all what I heard from my friends J


Our topic for this week was podcasting. Podcasting is delivering audio content to iPods and other portable media players on demand, so that it can be listened to at the user’s convenience. It’s the first time I heard about podcasting. I think it is useful for education because students can publish any type of audio or video.

Movie Maker and Story Jumper

We can create books in Story Jumper. You can create your own book, pay some amount and they send you a book of yours. You can get books for little kids. When you compare it to the other books  they are more fun.

We talked about movie maker as well. I m not new to it because ı already used it before. I think its a good program because we can create a video add pictures and add a song. I think it refers to multiple intelligence because there is listening, reading and visual.

I think both programs are usuful for language learning. They are both different from each other. I think they are both fun to use and useful. There are so many programs ı hope ı can use them all in future because they are all useful.

Facebook Twitter Skype

This week our topic was about facebook, twitter and skype. The only thing ı don’t use from these  is twitter. Twitter is more about how you feel and ı dont like expressing myself like that but ı have to open an account :S ı can’t really say alot about twitter cause ı dont use it.I think facebook is better than twitter. You can’t compare them cause they are two different things.  I use skype alot cause my parents are abroad and we video call each other.  I think everyone should use atleast one of them:)


Wiziq is a program to teach and learn online.  If you are a teacher or a student signing up for wizig is for free. The teacher and students use wizig for virtual classroom and connect with other people which has the same subject. I think its a usefull program. I think there are so many programs out there that are useful as well. We should search fort hem and use them.


We learned about online classroom and how it works. The teacher gave us two useful sites. One of them is and the other one is We learned that is commanly used in USA. I think its a good site because you can create a class as a teacher or you can join a class as a student. The is similar to the I think they are useful sites because it helps students fasten their learning process. It also helps students make up the classes they have missed.